Welcome to the Faux Flower Company.

You may know us better as Amaranthine Blooms. Our founder Janey created Amaranthine Blooms back in Hong Kong nearly ten years ago when she built a business bringing fabulous, faux, forever flowers into people's homes. She chose to name her business after an old English word meaning eternally beautiful - Amaranthine, perfectly reflecting the true-to-life artificial flowers the company was built on.   

In the years since, Janey and her family have moved back to the UK, opened our HQ in Cheltenham, expanded our collection of flowers and welcomed a few more friendly faces to the Amaranthine Blooms team.  

Recently, we have been reflecting on the journey of Amaranthine Blooms, our vision for the future, and asking ourselves what makes us - Amaranthine Blooms? The answer is an easy one, it’s the eternally beautiful flowers we are known for, that our customers love so much.   

With that in mind, we begin the next stage of our journey, as a company wanting to bring clarity to our business and our customers, putting our eternally beautiful flowers at the forefront. In embarking on this next phase we are thrilled to announce that we have re-launched as:  

The Faux Flower Company

As you know, our flowers say it all, and now our name does too!   

The Faux Flower Company encompasses all that we loved about Amaranthine Blooms along with acknowledging our values as a Company.  Our artificial flowers are made of the highest quality, supplied to our customers sustainably, contribute to our local community and celebrate our Team who bring the business to life.