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Give Your Faux Flower Bouquet That Autumn Feeling!

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The core of everything we do at The Faux Flower Company centres around our belief of buy once, buy well, love forever! We believe that your artificial flowers should look just like fresh from day one and for the many years that you will admire them afterwards. On our website you can read the thousands of reviews from people that love the faux flowers and arrangements they have purchased from us and you may detect a common theme of customers commenting on how pleased they are that they spent a little more to purchase artificial flowers that look as good as fresh and last forever.

Give your faux flower arrangement a seasonal makeover

With that in mind, I am delighted to introduce our new series on how to switch-up your existing faux flower arrangements with just a few new artificial flower stems to give it a new lease of life. Perhaps you've had your artificial flower arrangement for some time and are looking for something new, or maybe you are looking to reflect nature and make your evergreen display more seasonal - either way these simple tips can be followed to great effect, whatever your goal. 

At the time of writing, autumn is making it's presence well and truly known and so here I'll show you three ways that you can make your existing bouquet into a beautiful autumn artificial flower arrangement.

As a base I have taken our best selling Green Pastures Bouquet. I have removed the Green hydrangea which I felt was more bright and spring-like and I have added:

Burgundy and Plum Artificial Autumn Flowers  

Autumnal artificial flower bouquet
To the bouquet added,


I like to place the black eucalyptus at opposite sides to balance out the deep colour and place the artificial purple hydrangea in a prominent position!


Orange and Brown Artificial Autumnal Berries & Branches 

 To the bouquet I added,

2x Artificial Orange Hypericum Berries
2x Artificial Orange Berry Spray  and 

1x Artificial Brown Willow Branch

To give an asymmetric effect, I styled the willow branch out to the left side and balanced that with the two orange hypericum berries on the right. The stunning orange berry spray hangs forward a little so that it is really on display 


Festive Artificial Red Berries and Red Faux Hydrangea 

red artificial flower arrangement To the bouquet I added,

1x Artificial Red Skimmia    and                       
1x Artificial Red Hydrangea


The willow branch was again asymmetrically styled on the left with the tall red berries balancing this out on the right. The artificial red hydrangea and red skimmia were placed in prominent positions for maximum impact! 


If you want to see a tutorial on how to arrange all these different variations, head to our Instagram page now and check out our reels! Alternatively, to create your own Autumnal Faux Flower Arrangement, you might like to browse our Autumn Artificial Flower collection for ideas of your own.

I hope you enjoy bringing your bouquet into Autumn!


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