Even Better Than The Real Thing

Even Better Than The Real Thing


... it's my favourite response and the one I most commonly hear when someone sees our lifelike artificial flowers for the first time. Even when customers already  know that we sell artificial flowers, it is amusing to hear people’s disbelief that our stunning, lifelike blooms are not, in fact, real. It is always a great delight to help so many customers find their perfect floral arrangement, but what pleases me more is knowing that, in addition to creating a beautiful floral display, our faux flowers have many benefits that fresh flowers do not:
Longer lasting – a huge understatement! Our imitation blooms will look immaculate for at least five years (but realistically much longer), which means that once you’ve chosen your imitation blooms, you can enjoy more than just a fleeting love affair with them.
Remain perfect – no falling out of love with your blooms as they wilt and fade, enjoy their perfect beauty EVERY day.
Little maintenance – perfect for those of us who believe life ifs too short to be trimming stems, cleaning vases and changing water.
A perfect gift - our blooms are lovingly packaged in tissue and ribbons and can be sent across continents where they will arrive in immaculate condition. They are also perfect for sending in situations where fresh flowers might not be allowed such as a new mother or loved one recovering in hospital.
Flexible – Most of our blooms come with wired stems that can be folded and re-straightened so that they can be restyled into a new design should you wish for a change.
Pollen free – nothing to annoy hay fever sufferers or poison your cat.

Whatever your reason for preferring fake over fresh, you can find your perfect blooms at our online store. All orders over £90 come with free standard delivery in the UK - when they arrive, just sit back and wait for you friends and family to tell you "I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY’RE NOT REAL!"....

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