Bright, Brilliant Blooms All Summer Long

Bright, Brilliant Blooms All Summer Long

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Keep your blooms bright and brilliant, not wilting and withered in the scorching summer sun.

Summer has finally arrived. But whilst the shining sun and soaring temperatures are perfect for cold drinks and long country walks, they are less than ideal for fresh cut flowers. The heat will make your delphiniums droop and your lilies lilt before your very eyes – that is if they even survive the journey home from the shop! Why not instead switch to artificial flowers from The Faux Flower Company - artificial flowers so realistic that your friends will be dumbfounded as to how you keep your arrangements looking so sprightly in this heat. 

Simply put, why buy fresh when fake is so much better?  We have stopped counting the number of times people tell us “I can’t believe they’re not real!” and aside from the obvious benefits of our blooms lasting MUCH longer than fresh flowers (at least 3 years, instead of 3 days) they never show signs of wilting or sit neglected in a corner giving off a nasty odour and making you wish you had thrown them away sooner!  Rather than needing to prune or wash them, our flowers need little maintenance (maybe the occasional clean if you’re particular); and if you suffer from the sniffles in spring or summer, rest assured that not an ounce of pollen will bother you from our luxury artificial flowers.  What’s more, most of our blooms come with wired stems meaning that you can create new designs and bouquet combinations whenever you feel the need for a change. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love fresh flowers and dream of galloping wildly through fields of blossom and lavender and adore the sweet scents of light pink roses at the bottom of the garden, but there is simply no question that investing in excellent quality artificial flowers makes more sense than buying fresh flowers that barely survive the weekend. 

If you’re unsure where to start when choosing your artificial flowers, check out our full collection here where you will find an array of stunning flowers to choose from.  Perhaps a white Casablanca lily bouquet or some deep blue hydrangeas.  Discover your own unique style by selecting a vase that you love and design your blooms to suit your décor.  Personally, I love my single stem pale pink roses in our entrance hallway and my beautiful tulip bouquets in the dining area. 

Don’t forget that our artificial flowers from The Faux Flower Company also make the most wonderful, long lasting gift for a friend or relative – be it a dinner party or a birthday.  Even though you may be wilting in the heat, rest assured that your gift will arrive on sparkling, dazzling form! 

realistic artificial peony bouquetlifelike artificial casablanca lilies
lifelike realistic white cosmos faux stemsrealistic artificial blue mophead hydrangea 

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