Master the Art of Faux Flower Arrangement: The Blossoming Bouquet

Master the Art of Faux Flower Arrangement: The Blossoming Bouquet

Want to know how to arrange your faux flowers to perfection? Our detailed, step-by-step guide will help you recreate our Blossoming Artificial Flower Bouquet, as seen on our website. Plus we’ll share our top tips if you want to create your own, unique version of this classic Spring bouquet.  

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The Blossoming Bouquet

Our founder and CEO, Janey Dillon, created this classically elegant bouquet nearly five years ago, to capture the essence of spring, and it’s become one of our best sellers.

With its lavish Faux White Hydrangeas, delicate sprays of Artificial Cow Parsley and drifts of Faux Gypsophila, the Blossoming Artificial Flower Bouquet adds a touch of nature’s splendour and impact. Like every Faux Flower Company flower, each stem is lovingly hand-painted, hand-crafted and unique. 

There are now arrangements blossoming in homes from Manchester to Manhattan, Dubai to Dublin, and each one will be slightly different, depending on the person who arranged it. Faux flower arranging is a sensual pleasure. Flowers lift a room like nothing else; and they lift your spirits too.  

Your step by step guide to arranging artificial flowers

Arranging faux flowers needn’t be hard, and the Blossoming Artificial Flower Bouquet is a perfect place to start, if this is your first time with faux.

In this detailed step-by-step guide, we’ll help you recreate the Blossoming Artificial Flower Bouquet as featured on our website, with practical instructions, explanations and tips.

Over the last ten years, we’ve discovered that some people like to arrange their artificial bouquet to match what they’ve seen on our site as closely as possible, while others like to experiment a little – and create a bespoke arrangement.

We’re going to cover both in this blog, with a step-by-step tutorial designed to recreate our Blossoming Artificial Flower Bouquet. Our team will also share some of their top tips if you want to create your own personal design.

Whichever method you choose, you’ll create a stunning artificial arrangement that looks incredibly realistic and will delight for many years.

Just before you begin

You’ll need to decide where your arrangement will be, and what vase you will use.  You probably already have a good idea where you want to put your faux flower arrangement, and how it will complement your décor and personal style. The Blossoming Artificial Flower Bouquet is around 80-85cm high when arranged, so double check that it won’t be obscuring anything once it’s in position. And that it has plenty of space surrounding it, so that everyone can enjoy it – it makes quite a showpiece.

Choosing a vase can seem complicated. We often advise that for any faux flower arrangement you should choose a vase with a wider base and a narrower neck. This makes it very stable, and also means you won’t need to cram your artificial flowers together. You want your arrangement to breathe, and to be able to see and enjoy each flower.

Getting started

Take each bloom and open out the leaves and blossoms so that it looks as natural as possible. Smooth out any little creases in the leaves too. 

Make sure you’ve got a good pair of wire cutters, and some sharp kitchen scissors handy, to cut your faux stems.

Make yourself a coffee, or your favourite drink. Arranging your artificial bouquet is fun – so enjoy the experience!



Do I cut my artificial flower stems or bend them?

Two basic techniques you need to arrange any artificial flowers are bending stems or cutting them. That depends on your choice of vase: if you picked a ceramic, or opaque vase, you only need to bend them.

But if you have chosen a clear glass vase or bowl, you will need to trim them to length since they’ll be visible through the glass.

All our artificial flowers have highly flexible wire, hidden inside each stem, so you can bend and shape them any way you want. We recommend using wire cutters or a strong pair of garden or kitchen scissors.

If you’re having trouble getting through the wire, cut through the paper and plastic of the stem with your scissors and make a small knick in the wire. Bend the wire back and forth to weaken it, and it will break more easily. 

If you’re bending your artificial stems, you should bend them right back on themselves like a hairpin. The beauty of bending is that, if you change your vase or create a new arrangement, you can straighten the stems out and measure up again.

How do I know where to cut or bend my faux flowers?

There’s a quick and easy golden rule to ensure your flowers sit perfectly in their vase.

Stand your faux stem up against your vase. The bottom leaf on the stem should be level with the neck of the vase, so when you place it in the arrangement, the leaf nestles gently along or just over the rim. This gives your artificial flower arrangement a truly natural and realistic look.

Be aware that, as you layer in more flowers, you may not need, or want to re-size every stem. Leaving some full length will give your floral design extra height and shape – so measure and cut as you go, rather than cutting everything before you start. 


Lets Begin

Your easy guide to arranging your artificial Blossoming Bouquet

We believe there’s no right or wrong way to arrange your faux flowers – this easy, 8-step guide is our Faux Flower Company tried-and-tested method that we’ve perfected over the years.

Most people like to follow the guide to start, and as they become more confident, begin to experiment. We’ll start with the guide, and then give you some ideas and tips for styling your own personal Blossoming Artificial Flower Arrangement too.

Creating a green backdrop with faux ferns
Step 1: Creating a green backdrop with Faux Ferns

Let’s start with the foundational step of creating a lush, green background using Artificial Green Bracken Ferns.

The secret of creating a fabulous faux flower arrangement is to layer in the different types of blooms, to create a realistic, natural looking display. Your Faux Green Bracken Ferns are your backdrop. They create a strong visual structure for the arrangement, setting the stage for all your other layers.

Don’t panic if the ferns seem to bend all over the place to start with. Once you start to layer in the Artificial White Delphiniums, Faux White Hydrangeas and Faux Sage Plants, you’ll see how everything comes together against that beautiful Artificial Green Bracken Fern canvas. 


Step 2: Using Delphiniums to define your design
Step 2: Using Artificial Delphiniums to define your design

Your Blossoming Artificial Flower Arrangement includes two stems of Faux White Delphiniums – a striking flower that we call the ‘architectural key’. Use these statuesque Artificial White Delphiniums to define the shape of your arrangement, placing them just off centre.  

One of the tricks of arranging artificial flowers so that they look real is to avoid symmetry. Whenever you have a pair of the same flower, try to vary the height of each bloom so that you introduce a touch of natural asymmetry. Absolute perfection rarely exists in Nature.


Step 3: Creating depth and texture with Cow Parsley and Cherry Blossom
Step 3: Creating depth and texture with Cow Parsley and Cherry Blossom

Nothing says ‘Spring’ quite like Cherry Blossom, and these faux stems are the superstars in our Blossoming Artificial Flower Bouquet. Make sure you open out the separate branches.

Bend or cut your second Faux White Cherry Blossom slightly shorter than the first, to enhance the naturalness of your Blossoming Artificial Flower Bouquet Place the two stems close together, front and centre, between the Faux White Delphiniums.

Now you can begin to layer in the Artificial Cow Parsley at varying heights, strategically placing it alongside denser blossoms for contrast and texture.


Step 4: Create contrast with creamy Hydrangea Paniculata
Step 4: Create contrast with creamy Paniculata Hydrangea

This cool, creamy green bloom adds a subtle contrast and texture to the predominantly white artificial flower bouquet. Carefully adjust the height until it feels balanced against the other flowers, setting off the pure white Artificial White Delphiniums and Faux White Cherry Blossom.

Step 5: Use Sage Plants to fill
Step 5: Use Sage Plants to fill 

With their tall, spiked flower heads and graceful, nodding movement, your two Artificial White Sage Plant stems make a fantastic counterpoint to the other more voluptuous blooms. They add a note of playfulness and individuality into the Artificial Flower Bouquet.

Place one on each side, at different heights. This helps to fill out your Faux Flower Arrangement and adds a vibrant green touch at the edges against the Faux Green Bracken Ferns.

Step 6: A touch of air and grace with Gypsophila 

The delicate white flowers of Artificial White Gypsophila add a lovely airiness and volume to your overall design.  With its fine stems, and tiny flower sprays, this flower feels like it’s almost floating.

Gypsophila is a go-to flower for many professional florists, and it’s really fun to use! 

Tuck it in loosely around the edges of the arrangement or scatter it throughout, wherever you see a gap.

Now you have most of your flowers in position, twist the vase or walk around it to make sure you haven’t left a space – those little white flowers look lovely peeping through the greens of the faux foliage.

Step 7: The headliners - Ranunculus and Hydrangea
Step 7: The headliners - Ranunculus and Hydrangea 

It’s time to use those hero pieces, the elegant Artificial White Ranunculus and the majestic Faux White Hydrangea.

You have two fabulous Faux White Hydrangeas included in the Blossoming Artificial Flower Arrangement. With their generous flower heads, you just want to reach out and touch them. Place them in the spotlight, front and centre of your faux arrangement, for dramatic effect. 

Open out the Artificial Ranunculus Sprays and Faux White Ranunculus Stems and spread them throughout the Blossoming Artificial Flower Arrangement to balance out the weight of the Artificial White Hydrangeas.  


Step 8: A flourish to finish

Now your arrangement has come together, you can see how the colours and textures of the different faux blooms and foliage harmonise.

Time for the final touch. Take a step back to ensure you’re happy from all angles. Check nothing is hiding or feels unbalanced.

In particular, make sure you’ve disguised the rim of your vase as much as possible. Bend leaves or trail Gypsophila over the edge of the vase to soften the look – faux flowers are very tweakable!


Creating your own customised Blossoming Bouquet arrangement

You may find, after you’ve lived with your bouquet for several months, you have the confidence to experiment, and create your own version that reflects your own originality and personal taste. Many of our customers have done this to spectacular effect.

Give two people exactly the same stems, and each of them will create something unique.

Style with flair, arrange with care!


6 Tips on styling your own faux flower arrangement

Here are some top tips from our own Faux Flower Company team on customising your arrangement.


Tip 1 – Open out your faux flowers and foliage before you start

Before you start, open out every stem and spray as you unbox them. We pack our flowers compactly, and with great care, so we don’t waste space or natural resources, but they all need a helping hand to open them out and make them look truly realistic.

You’ll use exactly the same techniques for stem bending or measuring flowers against your chosen vase. 

Tip 2 –Take your time

Arranging your artificial flowers is part of the pleasure of faux.  So, put the rest of your busy life on hold for a moment, and allow yourself time to experiment, try different combinations of flowers, and simply enjoy the experience.

Flower arranging is a creative art, and being creative de-stresses us, making us feel calmer and more able to cope. The reward of creating something beautiful and unique is a powerful tonic for our emotional and mental wellbeing. Who wants to rush that?

Tip 3 – Trust your instinct

If a flower doesn’t feel quite right where you’ve placed it, then it’s not right – for you. Maybe you can’t decide if your artificial arrangement is in the right place or not?  Move it around over a few weeks. Try it in different places, add a candle or bowl beside it. Or rotate the vase slightly. Again, there’s no rush.

Go with your instinct – when it looks right and feels right – it is right.

Tip 4 – Study your arrangement from all sides

It’s tempting to think of a flower arrangement as a still life. In fact, it’s more like a sculpture that you experience from many different angles, and in different lights. Spend a few minutes checking to see that it looks equally lovely from the side, as well as from the front.

If you spot a gap, just tweak a spray, or bend a leaf a little more. Or try pulling one bloom forward to make it more prominent. This magically adds depth to your display.

Tip 5 – Put your own favourites front and centre

It might sound like favouritism, but we all have particular flowers that we love more than others. It’s fine to make those your own personal ‘hero blooms’ and make them more prominent in your arrangement.

If your favourites are ‘upstaged’ by one or two of the other, showier faux flowers, you could remove those blooms, and re-use them in another arrangement for elsewhere in your home.

Tip 6 – You don’t have to use all the flowers in the same arrangement

Faux flowers are incredibly versatile, and nothing’s wasted. You might want to create a second, more intimate arrangement using just one or two Faux White Ranunculus Sprays and some Artificial White Gypsophila in an elegant vase, for your bedside table or home office.


Why we love faux

We find faux flowers irresistible. Faux flowers can add beauty, effortless elegance, even drama to an interior, and best of all, they last almost forever with minimal impact on the environment.

That’s a good investment for the planet, as well as for you.

At The Faux Flower Company, we set ourselves and our craftspeople the highest standards. Because each flower, leaf, bud, spray or stem is made from the finest quality materials, and painted by hand, each bloom is unique.

That’s what gives a Faux Flower Company flower its luxurious look and feel – and its realism. It’s as close to nature as you can get.


A touch of lasting luxury

We hope you enjoy arranging your Blossoming Artificial Flower Bouquet. Flower arranging is an art form in itself, a wonderful way to express your personal creativity and bring flowers into your home.

We love to see your pictures of our faux bouquets in your home – why not share your arrangement with us and inspire others?


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