My Favourite Subject

My Favourite Subject

I could talk for hours about what makes our artificial flowers so realistic and the best quality available, so unless you have a while, don’t get me started! - instead read about it below in your own time where I explain why our artificial flowers are the perfect substitute for fresh flowers!
As we prepare for the arrival of our new season stock, we are in the process of meeting with our wholesale customers to showcase our new range. In every meeting we are asked to explain what sets our artificial flowers apart from the rest which is I LOVE to do as it gives me a great opportunity to explain how we are able to achieve such lifelike blooms. I thought that you might like to know what we tell them!......
High quality - Hand made luxury
Each of our blooms is hand made. This means that each petal, stem and leaf is unique from the next and this creates a natural and realistic look. For example we pay attention to the veining and curve of our faux rose petals, the two-part formation of our artificial hydrangea petals and the precise colour of all our blooms - all designed to accurately reflect nature.
Attention to detail - reflect nature as closely as possible
We focus on the shape, size, texture, colour and formation of the petals, leaves, stems, thorns, buds and stigma of our artificial flowers. We are particularly proud of the hand-painted colours of our petals, creating a depth and individually that is unrivalled and we consider each bloom a work of art in its own right.
Our flowers are not silk flowers!
Contemporary artificial flowers are not made of silk as this delicate material frays easily and is hard to shape. Instead we choose the best quality materials for the individual bloom selecting fabric that is tightly woven with specialist treatments to resist fraying, and specialist foams that can be sculpted. We continue this attention to detail through to the plastics used in the stems which have a soft and natural touch and malleable wires so that blooms can be styled as desired.
A great example is our white mophead hydrangea
* Accurate petal shape with indented edges
   * Two separate petals attached together to form rounded or cupped appearance
   * Moulded petals with veined appearance
   * Different sized petals to mirror nature
   * Ivory white colour is subtle and natural
   * Large dense head of petals, 22cm diameter
   * Soft to touch
*Four pointed centre mirrors real life
* Authentic colour and texture,
   * Wired, not moulded, can be styled as desired
   * Natural bark effect
* Authentic colour, shape and veining
* Wired, can be styled as desired
If you would like more information about the quality of our artificial flowers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would be delighted to talk more on our favourite subject! 


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