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Which Artificial Flowers Will You Pick?

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Customers often tell us that they love our artificial flowers but aren’t sure where to begin in picking the right flowers for them from our extensive range of blooms. I’m sure there isn’t as much thought goes into buying a bunch of fresh flowers, but the more permanent nature of our faux flower arrangements means people really want to make sure they are purchasing a bouquet that suits not only their personal style but that also complements their décor and surroundings.

Luckily, we can help and we have devised a five-point guide below on how to choose the perfect artificial flowers for you.

Which flowers will you pick?
1. Colour, colour, colour
What’s your favourite colour? This is always the first thing we ask our customers when they are not sure which flowers to choose. More than the style or the vase, it’s the colour that greets you first and makes you feel soothed or energised so this is a great place to start your selection; pick a colour that you really love and you can’t go wrong. However, it’s important to bear your surroundings in mind and pick a colour of artificial flowers that you not only love but that will also suit your interior décor. 

2. Flower loves and loathes
Our second question is always “are there any flowers that you particularly love or loathe”? Some people have very strong opinions on flowers and it’s a great way to narrow down the choices from our range of over 100 styles. We find that roses in particular, like Vegemite (Marmite if you prefer!) split people into two clear camps of lovers and haters, peonies however seem to please everyone. The best part about having faux flowers at home means that you can enjoy your favourite blooms all year round so it’s important to steer yourself towards the flowers that you will love to see day after day. If you are shopping our website we have made it convenient by separating our flowers out by colour and type.

3. Style
Do you prefer your bouquets to be full and blowsy, perhaps with a nod to a vintage or shabby chic style? Do you prefer the look of an English meadow or maybe you love blossom and all things leafy? Once we have settled on potential colours and types of flowers we ask “do you like your bouquets to be sumptuous with tightly packed blooms, or open and more natural looking?” - this can help to determine the types of silk flower bouquets or artificial flower arrangements that work for you.

All of our blooms can be bought as bunches which include one stem free. We find many people love a particular flower and/or colour so their ideal display is simply a bunch of these. Others, however prefer a combination of flowers and greenery so a bouquet that looks like it’s straight from a luxury florist is what works best for them. We sell all of our flowers by the single stem so that we can help you to create a bouquet that is very much your own and suits your unique style.
4. Vase
Do you have a vase in your cupboard that you adore and wish you had a use for? Or maybe an old jug or bottle with sentimental value that you would like a creative way to display? Whatever you have in mind, letting us know the height and diameter as well as sending us a photo will help us suggest which artificial flowers will work best. With a particular vase in mind and whether you prefer an open or more tightly packed look will help determine how many stems you will need and therefore the budget for your arrangement. For example, our tall oncidium has a very narrow stem so if your vase has a wider opening and you prefer a fuller look, you will need several stems to achieve this which will impact your budget.  If you don’t have a vase, not to worry, we can always advise you on possible options which will work best with the bouquet you have created.

5. Situation
Where in your home are you planning on putting your artificial flower bouquet? Are you looking to fill a small corner of a bathroom or have a dramatic centrepiece on a sideboard? It’s important to be aware of the height and breadth of the bouquet to make sure you’re choosing the correct sized arrangement. If it’s above a certain height, will it obstruct your husband’s view of the television or be competing for attention with a piece of artwork on the wall? Understanding your bouquet’s position in your home can help to determine the size of arrangement as well as what flowers will suit a particular space.

Our checklist is only a few steps to get you started in picking your flowers, however if you’re still not sure about which blooms to choose, we would be delighted to help and you can contact us on
Photo credit : PATRICK PLEUL/AFP/Getty Images 

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