Your Guide to The Faux Flower Company's First Birthday Celebration Sale

Your Guide to The Faux Flower Company's First Birthday Celebration Sale

With The Faux Flower Company's 1st Birthday celebrations in full swing, there's no better time to indulge in some floral delights! As we roll out our exclusive 20% off discount on everything, it's the perfect opportunity to stock up on your favourite blooms and elevate your space with everlasting beauty. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our ultimate buying guide!

Our Best Sellers: Timeless Classics

First up on your shopping list should be our best sellers - the tried and true favourites. From elegant arrangements to vibrant bouquets, these blooms encapsulate the essence of The Faux Flower Company. What better way to celebrate with us than by bringing home a piece of our signature style?


Our Artificial White Hydrangea is a timeless classic. 

Pair the 54cm Faux White Hydrangea 
with our Smoky Grey Bulb Vase for a modern look.


Our Artificial Green Tall Eucalyptus is a best-seller all year round!  It will add height and texture to any faux flower arrangement 

Pair 9 stems with our White Ceramic Kingham Vase.

Nothing says ‘Spring’ quite like cherry blossom in full bloom

Available to purchase with our Large Funnel Neck Vase in Clear or Grey.



Customer Favourites: These Blooms Have Earned Their 5-Star Status

Let's shine a spotlight on our 5-star products that have stolen the hearts of our customers time and time again. Treat yourself to one of these top-rated treasures and experience the magic for yourself!



Artificial Tall White Magnolia

"Beautiful product, I really like that the wired stems can be adjusted as it means you can tailor your arrangement and make each stem look slightly different."



"Stunning! I'm really not sure what else to say.....from anything more than a metre away, you would swear blind, they were real..."



"I'm over the moon with my purchase, the flowers and vase are absolutely gorgeous and have attracted many complements. The 'how to' video was excellent."


Perfect Pairs

Pairing two different bunches together is a fantastic way to create a dynamic and visually captivating floral arrangement that truly stands out. By combining complementary colours, textures, and shapes, you can achieve a stunning bouquet that adds depth and interest to any space.

Our Artificial White Real Touch Peony pairs perfectly with Artificial Green Rich Foliage. The Deep Green colour of the Foliage blends in with the leaves of the Peonies

a brightly coloured bloom like our Artificial Yellow Garden Rose with some of our high quality Artificial Green Pittosporum Leaves to add texture and interest to your arrangement.

The soft silvery green leaves of this Artificial Eucalyptus Spray make this stem one of the most realistic in our range. This foliage stem is a perfect complement to our Artificial White Tea Rose.

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Join in the birthday celebrations and shop with 20% off at The Faux Flower Company! Shop now and make the most of this special occasion before it's too late!

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