Expert Tips for Creating Artificial Flower Arrangements

Expert Tips for Creating Artificial Flower Arrangements

6 Tips on styling your own faux flower arrangement

Want to learn more about creating faux flower arrangements that reflect your unique style and personality, who better to learn from than the experts at The Faux Flower Company? Whether you're just dipping your toes into the world of faux florals, or seeking advanced techniques, these insider tricks will help you elevate your arrangements to new heights.


Tip 1 – Open out your faux flowers and artificial foliage before you start

Before you start, take a moment to open out every stem and spray. While we pack our flowers compactly to conserve space and resources, they may need a little assistance to look truly realistic. Taking the time to gently unfurl each Magnolia petal or Eucalyptus leaf not only ensures that your faux flower arrangement looks its best but also allows you to familiarise yourself with the intricacies of each stem. Whether you're bending stems or measuring against your chosen vase, this initial step sets the stage for a lifelike arrangement.

Tip 2 –Take your time

Arranging your artificial flowers is part of the pleasure of going faux. Set aside the hustle and bustle of daily life and allow yourself the luxury of experimentation. Try different combinations of faux flowers, play with textures, and simply enjoy the creative process. Being creative de-stresses us, making us feel calmer and more able to cope. The reward of creating something beautiful and unique is a powerful tonic for our emotional and mental wellbeing. Who wants to rush that?

When it comes to faux floral arranging, patience is key. Embrace the process and allow yourself the freedom to explore different arrangements until you find the one that speaks to you. Remember, there's no right or wrong way to arrange faux flowers – it's all about what feels right to you.

Tip 3 – Trust your instinct

Your intuition is your best guide when it comes to arranging faux flowers. If a bloom doesn't feel quite right in a certain spot, trust your gut and move it around until it clicks. Don't be afraid to experiment over time, trying out different placements and accessories to find the perfect balance. Remember, there's no rush – let your arrangement evolve organically until it feels just right.

Arranging faux flowers is as much about intuition as it is about technique. As you work with different blooms and foliage, pay attention to how they interact with each other and with the space around them. Trusting your instincts will help you create arrangements that not only look beautiful but also feel harmonious and balanced.

Go with your instinct – when it looks right and feels right – it is right.

Tip 4 – Study your arrangement from all sides

It’s tempting to think of an artificial flower arrangement as a still life. In fact, Think of your faux flower arrangement as more like a sculpture that you experience from many different angles, and in different lights. Take a moment to view it from all sides, checking for gaps or imbalances. A small tweak here and there, such as bending a leaf or adjusting the placement of an artificial branch, can make a world of difference in creating depth and visual interest.

When arranging faux flowers, it's easy to focus solely on the front-facing view. However, taking the time to study your arrangement from all sides will help you identify any areas that may need adjustment. Consider rotating the vase or stepping back to gain a fresh perspective – you may be surprised by what you discover.

Tip 5 – Put your own favourites front and centre

It might sound like favouritism, but we all have particular flowers that we love more than others. Make your arrangement truly yours by highlighting your favourite faux blooms as the focal point. Whether it's a delicate Artificial Ranunculus or a showy Faux Hydrangea, let these "hero blooms" take centre stage and reflect your personal style - it’s your artificial flower arrangement after all. 

If your favourites are ‘upstaged’ by one or two of the other, showier faux flowers,  don't be afraid to remove or swap out blooms that don't resonate with you, they can be reused these in another faux flower arrangement for elsewhere in your home - there are no rules when it comes to floral design.

Incorporating your favourite flowers into your arrangement not only adds a personal touch but also allows you to showcase the blooms that bring you the most joy. Whether you prefer vibrant colours or subtle hues, bold statement blooms or delicate accents, let your personal preferences guide your design choices.

Tip 6 – You don’t have to use all the flowers in the same arrangement

Faux flowers are incredibly versatile, so feel free to mix and match to create multiple arrangements. Consider creating a smaller, more intimate display using just a few select stems for a bedside table or home office, such as one or two Faux White Ranunculus Sprays and some Artificial White Gypsophila in an elegant Vase

Creating multiple arrangements from the same set of faux flowers allows you to explore different design possibilities and experiment with various styles. Whether you opt for a minimalist Arrangement with just a few select stems or a lush, overflowing Bouquet, the possibilities are endless. Don't be afraid to let your creativity run wild and see where it takes you.



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