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Perfect, Popular Peonies

It’s rare I meet someone who doesn’t love peonies! As we help our customers select their perfect artificial flowers we find that hydrangeas please many, roses divide people distinctly into lovers and haters, but peonies have a special place in peoples’ hearts. The reason for their popularity stems from the capriciousness of their fleeting beauty, their dainty petals forming a perfectly shaped bloom for such a short time before dumping their petals on your coffee table like an avalanche. People also often tell us that they had peonies as part of their bridal bouquet and this flower’s symbolism in Chinese culture gives it extra special meaning for many.
It seems only fitting therefore that as we continue to expand our range of perfect artificial flowers, we continue to search for the perfect peony including our latest find - real touch peonies. To help you pick your perfect peonies and learn which blend together easily, here is an overview of our range which now includes four styles and seven different colours. Enjoy!
Classic peony
Our most popular peony reflects the classic cupped peony style and comes complete with a small bud. 50cm tall and available in white, pink, pale pink, peach and fuchsia

 the most realistic classic pink peonyrealistic lifelike white classic peony
Open peony
This peony has a more ‘open’ and fully blown look. The main blooms is very similar in size to the classic peony but the bud is larger. 50cm tall and available in white, pink and pale pink
Small peony
The same height as the classic and open peonies but with a smaller bloom and no bud. Available in white and pink.
realistic lifelike small white closed peony 
Large peony
Our tallest and largest peony it comes complete with a thicker stem and large bud. For an extra special touch, this peony has especially shiny leaves. Available in white.
realistic lifelike white large peony
Real touch peonies
Brand new materials make this the finest quality 'real touch' artificial flower available! With a beautiful muted colour, soft realistic petals bright, shiny leaves it both looks and feels realistic. Available in white and pink.
Realistic artificial flowers highest quality lifelike faux real touch peonyRealistic artificial flower highest quality lifelike faux real touch pink peony
Combining your peonies
Our classic, open and small peonies have all been designed to sit perfectly together and represent the fresh flower at different stages of maturity to reflect nature. Simply choose your favourite colour(s) and place into your vase. Our larger peonies will also combine with the rest of our range (though you may wish to trim the stems) but are also perfect by themselves for a larger and taller display.
realistic lifelike pink and white peony bouquet
What ever your perfect peony, enjoy browsing our range online and, as always, do get in touch if you have any questions. Click here to shop now

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