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Decorating for Christmas with Artificial Flowers

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Decorating our homes for Christmas is steeped in such strong traditions, creating memories with our loved ones and making our homes beautiful and welcoming for us to enjoy over the festive season. As people become more familiar with the concept of decorating with artificial flowers (think cafés, restaurants etc) so we see this trend move into people’s homes and particularly for Christmas. In fact, one of the biggest trends we see in faux flowers at the moment is people substituting beautiful artificial flowers for traditional Christmas decorations. Replacing the traditional tinsel and glitter with luxurious artificial flowers is not just a style choice, but an ecological one too and whilst realistic faux flowers are a more considered purchase, we believe that by buying high-quality realistic artificial flowers, you can get great value for money by enjoying them all year round. Or as we like to say, faux flowers are for life, not just for Christmas!

In this blog we cover some of our top tips for decorating your home with Christmas artificial flowers and how to use these same faux blooms in your home after Christmas and beyond. 

  1. Choose your colour palette

Whether it’s a classic Christmassy colour palette of red, green and white or something more modern and contemporary, choosing your colour palette will help you to focus on the best blooms to create the right effect for you. This year we chose artificial Christmas flowers in blue white and silver to decorate The Faux Flower Company HQ and match the existing décor. Matching our Christmas artificial flowers to our interiors colour scheme means that these faux flower stems will complement our home décor all year round. Alternatively, choosing a neutral palette with a few festive stems is a great way to switch up your interiors for Christmas.

  1. Include your existing faux flowers

I never love my faux flowers more than when I have re-arranged them, or added in a few new stems. By using your existing artificial flowers for Christmas decorations, you will give them a whole new lease of life. Faux Foliage stems are especially useful and leave any flowers that don’t match your colour scheme to one side.

  1. Select a range of stunning faux foliage and hero blooms

Below you can see a range of videos we have prepared to show you how easy it is to decorate your home with faux flowers this Christmas. In these videos you will see that we start with the foliage as the base for every display. Choosing high quality and realistic faux foliage will give your decorations a natural and organic feel and you can always supplement it with foraged leaves and stems. Artificial plants are also a great way to add realistic foliage to your Christmas arrangement.

Your hero pieces are what will make your Christmas artificial flowers sing! Choose colours and styles to match your scheme and just a few flowers with large blooms can make a statement.

  1. Tools at the ready

One of the secrets to making your Christmas artificial flower arrangements come together easily and look as natural as possible is to start with the right tools. In our videos you will see that we use a base of chicken wire and heavy-based vases to create the shape and structure of our design, whilst to decorate the banister we used brown cable ties in differing lengths.  

  1. Faux flowers are not just for Christmas

When you take down your Christmas decorations, carefully put your Christmas silk flowers to one side. Pack any stems that are just for Christmas carefully into a strong box and set about creating a stunning display from the remaining stems. You can see our tutorial here showing how we created a stunning arrangement from the same pieces we chose for our Christmas decorations. And if you need any advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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