A Year of Style and Inspiration: Our Favourite Social Media Collaborations

A Year of Style and Inspiration: Our Favourite Social Media Collaborations

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As we commemorate our first year at The Faux Flower Company, we can't help but reflect on the incredible journey we've had with our ambassadors and community on social media. From stunning styling ideas to memorable collaborations, it's been a year filled with creativity, inspiration, and unforgettable moments. Join us as we take a closer look at some of our favourite highlights from the past year, and celebrate the talented individuals who have brought our products to life in unique and beautiful ways.

Style Showcase

One of the highlights of the past year has been seeing how our ambassadors and community have brought their unique style and creativity to our products. From elegant floral arrangements to eye-catching tablescapes, our community have shown us time and time again that faux flowers are not only beautiful but incredibly versatile. 

Introducing Hayley, a self-proclaimed lover of country-inspired interiors, whose creativity shines through in her bespoke arrangement crafted from our high quality artificial flower stems. With a keen eye for design and a passion for home styling, Hayley has curated a stunning Bouquet that perfectly suits her style.

In her arrangement, Hayley showcases a rustic vase, styled with these artificial flower stems:

1 x Artificial White Large Rose
1 x Artificial Green Hydrangea
3 x Artificial White Ranunculus Spray
3 x Artificial Green Skimmia
2 x Artificial Pittosporum
6 x Artificial White Sweet Pea
3 x Artificial White Viburnum

Hayley's choice of artificial flowers not only adds a touch of elegance but also brings a refreshing vibrancy to her space.  Pairing these faux blooms with distressed wooden accents and vintage-inspired furnishings can further enhance the cozy, countryside ambiance. By mixing and matching artificial flowers with different textures and hues, you can create a personalised bouquet that reflects your unique taste and style preferences.




Photo by @homewithdevon on Instagram

Discover the versatility of our Artificial White Willow Spray in @homewithdevon's modern country interiors feed, where this beautiful artificial stem is showcased in countless captivating ways throughout her home. 

Whether elegantly displayed as a petite coffee table arrangement in a sleek vase or combined with a few stems of eucalyptus for a heightened sense of realism, the Artificial White Willow Spray stays beautifully in keeping with the country charm throughout the year. 

At a height of 78cm, our Artificial White Willow Spray offers endless possibilities for customisation. @homewithdevon's ingenious styling techniques, including cutting or bending the stems to fit specific vases and spaces, serve as a testament to its adaptability and versatility.

The Faux White Willow Spray allows @homewithdevon to seamlessly integrate it into different corners of her space, adding a subtle yet sophisticated charm to each setting. Whether you're looking to infuse your home with a contemporary edge or enhance its rustic appeal, this versatile faux floral is a must-have accessory.





Elle, is the creative force behind @elle_the_home_bird, whose passion for colourful, rustic, and vintage interiors shines through in every curated corner of her home. Elle's distinctive style is beautifully accentuated by our Artificial Blue Delphinium, serving as large statement pieces that effortlessly draw the eye and elevate any space.

These exceptional artificial flowers are at different stages of bloom to reflect nature and the soft green leaves add to the flowers realism. These tall blooms are perfectly complemented by Artificial Blueberry Spray and Artificial Green Tall Eucalyptus to recreate Elle's stunning arrangement.

Paired with her vintage furnishings and vibrant pops of colour, the Artificial Blue Delphinium blooms become focal points that exude charm and character.
Elle's ability to blend vintage with contemporary flair creates a captivating aesthetic. If you're drawn to Elle's styling, you're sure to love our Summer Splendour Artificial Flower Arrangement or any piece from our Summer Collection

Introducing Katie's captivating home account, @simplyscandikatie, where Scandinavian-inspired interiors are brought to life with a touch of rustic charm. 

At the heart of Katie's decor lies our enchanting Green Pastures Artificial Flower Bouquet, a blend of elegant Faux White Garden Roses and Faux White Ranunculus, perfectly complemented by muted shades of Artificial Green Hydrangeas, Faux Nettle Leaves, and Artificial Eucalyptus Spray. This Artificial Flower Bouquet will have you thinking of Green Pastures year-round.

The Green Pastures Artificial Flower Bouquet is the perfect choice to complement Katie's Scandinavian-inspired home because its blend of natural, earthy tones and subtle textures aligns seamlessly with the minimalist yet cozy aesthetic typical of Scandinavian interiors. The use of an Artificial Flower Bouquet mirrors the Scandinavian appreciation for nature and bringing the outdoors inside without the need for maintenance. 

Did you notice Katie using one of our favourite faux flower hacks? Adding water to the vase that your Artificial Flowers sit in, takes the realism of your faux blooms to a whole new level! 



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