Home Visit - An Urban Oasis In Kowloon, Hong Kong

Home Visit - An Urban Oasis In Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Nestled between the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong’s flower market and the busy streets of Mong Kok lies an urban oasis where stunning period properties enjoy that greatest of luxuries in Hong Kong, a garden.
For our latest home consultation project, we were honoured to be invited to visit one of our favourite clients whose home is surrounded by flowers and greenery in their lush garden. However, the readiness with which fresh flowers wilt led to frustration at not being able to mirror the nature outside with fresh flowers inside the home and fuelled her love of faux flowers. This love drew them to our showroom in search of the perfect imitation flowers that would not only last but would complement their vibrant interiors. We created a bespoke bouquet in our showroom and when our client hinted at being slightly daunted with the prospect of re-assembling the arrangement themselves, we suggested a home visit and consultation. Not only were we able to style the bouquet in-situ but our client had requested we bring along some additional flowers to create arrangements for other areas of their home.

The key piece created during our visit was an opulent bouquet of burgundy English roses, cherry blossom, orchids, green and white viburnum and magnolia which we created to sit above our client’s fireplace in their living room. Unlike many homes in Hong Kong, we had the luxury of a double-height ceiling to work with which meant that we could include more of our taller stems to create a display with the required impact within this large room.  

The arrangements didn’t stop there! Our client had lots of ideas for where to create displays of all sizes to complement her home. Taking inspiration from one of our client’s favourite pieces, a gold and pink intricately detailed Chinese vase, we combined our gorgeous yellow roses with our soft pink peonies which complemented the hues in the vase perfectly. After our visit, our client told us that her husband had never envisioned having flowers in the vase but loved the effect that we had created.

The sumptuous bouquet over the fireplace is certainly a statement piece however we balanced this with an elegant arrangement of single stem deep blue hydrangeas providing a lovely contrast to balance out the space. Elsewhere in her beautiful home we used orange and white tulips which added fresh spring touches in a simple and elegant way. Our client was truly astounded by the quality of the tulips and couldn’t stop touching the petals and leaves as they felt so real! One of our favourite rooms in her home was the vibrant dining room where we were able to bring out the colours in the curtains and accentuate the rich blue colour on the wall with our tall and elegant yellow and red oncidium.

Elsewhere within her home, we created tall displays of red amaryllis and white magnolia for the staircase and a posy of burgundy peonies for a small corner to complement the colours of the large display in the living room.

We are delighted that we were able to create such a variety of stunning floral arrangements that bring the outside into this gorgeous home and will last and last. 
To learn more about the blooms in the photographs below, please contact us on hello@thefauxflowercompany.com for more information.

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