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Best Of Both Worlds

We are frequently asked if our flowers can be put into water to which the answer is a resounding ‘YES’! Not only does this subtle trick fool a friend or relative into thinking that your imitation flowers are, in fact, real, it also allows you to do one of my favourite things with artificial flowers which is to mix them with fresh!

One of my favourite combinations of fresh and faux flowers makes for a perfect Christmas time bouquet - our perfect white casablanca lilies and armfuls of fresh eucalyptus. This festive bouquet became a tradition many years ago when I lived opposite the New Covent Garden Flower Market in London. I would wander over every Saturday morning and was drawn to this striking combination of the silvery eucalyptus set against the crisp white of the lilies.

However, the lilies never lasted long and required too much maintenance and so I was delighted this year to replace them with our perfect imitation white casablanca lilies. I still mix them with fresh eucalyptus, an inexpensive foliage with a heady scent that epitomises Christmas. It can last 2-3 weeks (remember to change the water!) and by combining this classic Christmas greenery with our white casablanca lilies, you get a wonderfully scented floral display which will last throughout the festive season.

This year I am also adding our tall elegant red berries for an extra Christmassy touch, but once the mince pies are all eaten and the decorations taken down, I will remove them and the rest of the eucalyptus and enjoy my elegant, no fuss lilies, all year round until next Christmas.

Inspired by this combination we then blended fresh eucalyptus with a range of other festive blooms and you can see the results below. What combination of fresh and fake will you choose?....  

lifelike artificial casablanca lilies luxury artificial white rose
luxury artificial white lily luxury artificial white lily faux red roses

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